Is the Internet out of space?

Is the Internet out of space?

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Last week, the World Wide Web ran out of space for the creation of new IP addresses.

The uses for the Internet and its users have extended from China to California, and from advertisements to  aerodynamics in a nut shell. It is fair to say that the realm of possibility within the Internet, is actually just personified but the limits of the human mind and it’s creativity.

The Internet as we know it, however, is not doomed to be without another created IP address forever. Computer scientists are formatting new ways and techniques in which they plan to expand the Internet passed anything its forefathers could’ve anticipated.

Many people may think, “Well, in old experiences, when something runs out of space everything in turn becomes slower.” This, however, is not the case. In fact , computer scientist Dr. Tim Chown was quoted in an article questioning the develeopment of a “new era of Internet”, and said, “This doesn’t mean the Internet will stop working, far from it! Existing users won’t notice a difference, and Internet life will go on.”

Over the horizon is actually said “new era of Internet” and the problem will be solved by an expected June of this year after implanting and testing an “updated”  Internet modeled after the hard work and developments of the employees at the Internet Engineering Task Force.