Lorenzo’s still kicking it old school

Lorenzo’s still kicking it old school

As so many of us know, Belmont’s local sandwich shop, Lorenzo’s, is a well deserved treat.

Every day, there is an endless line coming out of the store, and down the block towards Ralston. But who consists of this line?

One of those groups is Oracle, coming everyday, with hundreds of orders for just one sandwich. Another group is Carlmont. on every half-day, or after school there is always a handful of Scots entering the shop for a mouthwatering goodness.

But is there any other buisness like Lorenzo’s? Co-Owner Marta commented that, “We even got a customer from Oakland once who came across (the bridge) just for a sandwich.”

So what can a new customer do to get a sandwich? Just go to the shop, located on Villa and Ralston, Tuesday through Saturday 9:30 to 3:30 to get the sandwich of your dreams.

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