Lunchtime lemonade promotes environmental friendliness


Jordan Greene

Liz Boman, a member of the ASB do something commission sets up for the lemonade stand at lunch.

Jordan Greene, Staff Writer

On May 4, students gathered in the quad to fill up their water bottles with ice-cold lemonade.

During lunch, the ASB do something commission set up a lemonade stand for students to help them deal with the hot weather and to relieve stress from AP (Advanced Placement) tests.

Liz Boman, a junior and a member of the do something commission, said, “With students stressing about AP tests and finals right around the corner, we wanted to show the student body that we are here to support them through this stressful time.”

The process of preparing for this event was simple and easy for the commission to accomplish in a short amount of time. It also came at a low cost.

“When my commission sat down a few weeks ago, we realized that we didn’t have much to do. Being a junior, I know that May is a hectic time of year, and I wanted to do something simple and cheap to bring smiles to our campus,” said Boman.

I know that May is a hectic time of year, and I wanted to do something simple and cheap to bring smiles to our campus

— Liz Boman

Between 50 and 100 students showed up for the event with empty, reusable bottles. 

Many students believe that the lemonade helped to brighten their day and relax them during a stressful week.

Dani Gurian, a senior, said, “ The lemonade that ASB gave out today gave me the extra push I needed to finish my day strong. I’m glad to know that I go to a school where I am always supported, even during a hard time of year.”

Additionally, for the event, the do something commission asked students to bring their own bottles to promote environmental awareness.

Boman said, “We promoted the idea that people bring their own water bottles. This way, we could provide more students with lemonade and not have to throw away a number of cups. However, we did provide cups for students that didn’t have their own so that no one missed out on the opportunity.”

Many students liked how they were able to use their own bottles and hope that the commission carries out another activity like this in the future.

“Because I was able to fill my own bottle, the lemonade was able to last me throughout the rest of my classes and kept me hydrated during the hot weather. With finals approaching soon, I hope that ASB creates another activity like this,” said Chloe Kelly, a junior.