Mickey Mouse admitted to hospital for rabies

Shortly after 1pm on Wednesday, Mar. 2, Mickey Mouse was checked into a local hospital for rabies.

His symptoms were first noted when he tried to attack his long time friend and neighbor, Goofy.

“I was just walking out of my house to go say hi to Mickey when he came out of nowhere and tried to bite me,” said Goofy. “We’ve been friends since 1932 and he’s never done anything like this before, but his dog, Pluto, on the other hand, he can be a bit dangerous sometimes.”

There have been several cases where the police were called to Mr. Mouse’s house before on alleged dog fighting, but every time the police showed up there were no signs of dogs anywhere.

“I’ve caught a glimpse of some of those dog fights in between the fence,” said another of Mr. Mouse’s neighbors, Donald Duck. “All Mickey ever does is lounge around his house and drink and run dog fights.”

Though there is no hard evidence, it is rumored that Mr. Mouse was infected with rabies at one of his illegal dog fights. His doctor refused to comment on Mr. Mouse’s situation, but he should be out of the hospital within the week.