Carlmont-branded yoga pants: possibly a new trend?


[media-credit id=52 align=”alignnone” width=”200″][/media-credit]The newest form of Carlmont apparel now being sold on campus are Carlmont High School yoga pants.

Yoga pants have proved to be a popular trend among female high school students nationwide. In an attempt to draw customers to represent their school, Carlmont has now jumped on the bandwagon and are now selling yoga pants in the student store.

“I wear yoga’s because they are really comfy and they look good,” stated Alenna Winfield, a freshman at Carlmont.

That is the most typical response you will get if you ask girls around campus about yoga pants. They are extremely comfortable, affordable, and they look good.

“I was thinking of things personally thought would sell well among the student body,” stated Kelly Robinson, Carlmont ASB’s president who’s in charge of purchasing the yoga pants. “I knew many girls like to wear yoga [pants], so I thought it would be good to sell yoga’s with our logo on it. I had seen how popular the Carlmont Camelbak [water bottles] had become and thought the yoga’s would follow suit.”

The question remains: will Carlmont yoga pants become a popular trend for girls around campus? It is certainly set up to become one.

The yoga pants are now being sold for $25 in the student store and can be purchased during store hours.