New weight room open during zero period


Parker English

Students are free to utilize all of the equipment in the new weight room facility.

Parker English, Staff Writer

The Carlmont weight room first opened to all students during zero period on Jan. 10, the first day of the second semester.

This change will give students complete access to the new room and the high-quality equipment that Carlmont acquired last October. The $150,000 worth of new equipment was paid for by the Carlmont Boosters Club, the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), and the principal himself, Ralph Crame.

“Having a larger fitness center with a lot of new equipment benefits all of the students in the school in some way. There is so much more space, so the fitness center can easily accommodate a freshman physical education class and a weight training class. Also, there is plenty of space for the 100 plus student-athletes,” said Patrick Smith, Carlmont athletic director.

I have found the weight room to be tons of fun and a great time to get a daily workout in.”

— Liam Hood

This facility is also very useful to students who would prefer to avoid the financial costs of a gym membership.

“Students don’t have to drive miles away to a nearby gym and spend money on a membership. They can just come in during zero period and work out for free, right on campus,” said Andrew Luna, a senior at Carlmont high school.

Smith acts as the main supervisor for students during these early hours. When the weight room first opened, few students came. However, as weeks went by, more and more students began to take advantage of the new facility.

“The first day I had two students come in.  Each day, a few more came.  Today, Wednesday, Jan. 17, I had 13 students attend.  Our administration team thought it would be a good idea to offer this as a lot of students had been asking if, how, and when they could utilize the facility,” Smith said.

Other benefits include the ability of students to train for the upcoming sports seasons with lacrosse, track, swimming, and baseball getting ever closer by the day. Students are allowed to use whatever equipment they find suitable for their needs.

“As long as you’re responsible and using the equipment the way it was meant to be used, there should be no problem,” said Liam Hood, a sophomore.

The weight room will continue to be open during zero periods, for all school days in the near future.

“I have found the weight room to be tons of fun and a great time to get a daily workout in,” Hood said.