Weight room construction almost complete


Andrea Butler

As part of the renovation, the weight room was expanded.

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

The wait is over as construction on the weight room is finally close to completion, with students and teachers alike happy to finally be able to use it. Starting next week, the new weight room will have all the new equipment installed, and students and athletes will hopefully be able to put the renovated weight room to use.

“I’m happy that I’ll be able to use new equipment,” said Trent Lenci, a sophomore in the weight training class. “But no matter where I train, I try my hardest. The new equipment and space is a bonus.”

The construction began in March 2017. The weight room was expanded from its former size, and part of the basketball courts was removed in order to do so.

“The construction has hindered the freshman weight training curriculum,” said physical education (PE) and weight training teacher David Low. “While the lessons will be delayed by a few months, the weight room will be worth the wait.”

Due to the construction, freshmen in the PE program this year haven’t had weight training days once a week like the years before.

Freshman Camran Hitchcock said, “Because we were not able to use the weight room, I wasn’t exposed to equipment that could possibly help me exercise in ways I haven’t before. I’m looking forward to using the weight room when it opens. Even though I’ll probably only use it during PE, it’ll be nice to experience other areas of PE and something new.”

The construction was also an obstacle to the weight training program because the temporary weight room could only fit so much equipment. The weight training students have made the most of what’s available to them.

“They have been very flexible in using whatever space in available,” said Low. “That includes using the hallway.”

With the revamped weight training room opening, weight training students are excited about the new space and equipment.