No lockdown during armed car chase


On March 7, local police investigated a burglary and with help from local community members, they were able to locate a car matching the description of the burglars on Highway 101.

It was seen that the suspects had a handgun and were in a gold, four-door vehicle. Local community members were able to get a partial license plate.

Police then lost the suspect, but later were able to locate the vehicle again on El Camino and Ralston. The police then chased the car throughout Belmont, putting both Ralston  Middle School and Fox Elementary School on lockdown.

The police were eventually able to obtain the suspects with only one minor injury of a police officer. No shots were fired.

With recent events, many people have begun to question why Carlmont wasn’t locked down during the armed chase.

Junior Jack Tilly said, “I had no idea that there was a car chase so close to our school until I got home. I don’t know why Carlmont didn’t have a lockdown since my sister’s school did, but I trust the judgement of our administration.”

Some people were more curious why Carlmont didn’t have a lockdown. Junior Arian Tabarroj said, “It is a little scary to find out that there were criminals with guns so close to our school after the even had already occurred. It would have been nice to have an announcement to let us know about the situation.”