Other ways to warm up your food


The microwave and toaster will be taken away.

Since the Student Store has cleaned up and made drastic changes in what snacks to sell, it will also get rid of the toaster and microwave.

With the toaster and and microwave being taken out, students will no longer be able to toast up their bagels or pop popcorn in the student store.

The reason for taking the two out will be because it is a health code violation in that the store is only to sell already prepared snacks.

Even though the toaster and microwave will be taken away, students will have another way in heating up their food.

Certain classes on campus have microwaves and toasters, that will not be taken away. With this being said students will be able to go to different classes, if they want, to pop their popcorn or toast their bagels. The only exception will be that popcorn will not be sold on campus anymore, so students will have to bring it from home.

Even though changes have been made to the Student Store that may have caused inconveniences to students, there are ways of overcoming these issues.

[media-credit id=56 align=”alignnone” width=”300″]Microwave and toaster[/media-credit]
The microwave and toaster will be taken away.