PAL champions after breezing by the Aragon swim team


Freshman Alisa Takahashi wins first place in the 500 free race

Freshman Alisa Takahashi wins first place in the 500 free race
Freshman Alisa Takahashi wins first place in the 500 free race

The meet against Aragon did not start out quite as planned, when a fire alarm went off, which prevented all Carlmont swimmers from entering the pool deck for about 15 minutes after arriving.

Even this fire alarm could not stop Carlmont from swimming great times and easily surpassing the Aragon Dons in the majority of the races.

“When we were warming up, the fire alarm was still going off but some Aragon staff said it was a false alarm, so we just kept swimming,” commented girls varsity swimmer Alisa Takahashi.

With this meet being the last meet of the season for Carlmont before Central Coast Section playoffs, it was important for many members of the team to swim their best times, and pull out a win to end the season for the team on a high note.

Jessica Fong, sophomore and varsity swimmer stated, “It is sad that the season is ending already, but I am proud of how our team swam against Aragon, and I look forward to CCS.”

Although the final win of the season was a sweet ending, even more exciting for the Scot swimmers is that the win against Aragon secured Carlmont’s spot as PAL champions.

Fong commented, “It is so exciting that our team is PAL champs this year! We have put in a lot of hard work and dedication and it is finally paying off. Hopefully, it will show that we are a competitive team, and we have a strong CCS team that will fight hard in the playoffs.”

The win may have also been bittersweet for some seniors, who swam their last race in the April 25 meet.

Senior varsity swimmer Tim Gachot said, “I really enjoyed seeing everyone perform so well, including myself. Everyone fought really hard with no regrets.”

The next step for the top Carlmont swimmers is the CCS playoffs which take place May 10-11.