Pear Deck Power-Up helps students in the classroom

The Pear Deck Power-Up Tool is designed to increase student innovation in the classroom.

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The Pear Deck Power-Up Tool is designed to increase student innovation in the classroom.

The Pear Deck Power-Up tool has always been a mystery to many students. Its purpose and function have not been exclusively explored. 

When logging in to a Chromebook using a school account, Pear Deck Power-Up opens a new tab automatically. Exiting this tab can be difficult, as the computer isn’t entirely started up yet. 

There are no instructions on how to use the tool, causing confusion and frustration in both teachers and students. 

“The Pear Deck Power-Up is an annoying tab that pops up when I sign into my school computer account,” said Rita Kravtchenko, a sophomore.

The high school district bought the tool as a Google add-on. However, teachers have to go beyond school resources to learn what it is and how to use it.

Pear Deck Power-Up is a tool on Google Chrome that helps students review classwork material while working with a partner. A teacher can give students a vocabulary word, and in pairs, one student would make a sentence out of that word, and the other would illustrate it. Teachers can use vocabulary words, terms, or any topics covered in class. 

“I think one thing that’s beneficial about it is you are engaging all students so that they are paying attention to the lesson or topic that you are teaching,” said Eva Parker, a Spanish teacher.      

Pear Deck Power-Up is an excellent opportunity to let students be creative and show their artistic side. Drawing can be an effective way of remembering definitions and terms which can potentially help students on a test.

Teamwork is an important skill and is also needed when using this tool. Self-studying is difficult, but partner work releases the pressure off of a single person and is more interactive for the class. 

“It’s great in Spanish,” Parker said. “You’re reviewing vocabulary or grammar concepts in a way that is fun or enjoyable to the students and is not boring.”

Teachers can monitor kids to see if they’re understanding the classwork. It is a helpful way to track students’ progress and their comprehension of the practice material. 

“Teachers should give more opportunities for group work and make studying more coherent,” said Penny Heith, a sophomore.

Studying and reviewing is crucial for a student’s education; Pear Deck Power-Up makes the concepts memorable so that students will not be as stressed out at home when studying. 

“I will definitely be using the tool in the future to review grammar concepts and more vocabulary,” Parker said.