Penn State’s former football defensive coordinator tackled by the truth

Penn State's former football defensive coordinator tackled by the truth

Jerry Sandusky allegedly molested eight boys while working as Pennsylvania State University’s defensive coordinator over the time span of 10 years, and has now been let go from his position on the football staffing team at Penn State.

Multiple PSU employees, such as athletic director Tim Curley, administrator Gary Schultz, assistant coach Mike McQueary, and legendary coach Joe Paterno, were aware that defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was molesting young boys around the age of 11.

In 2002, McQueary allegedly walked into the Penn State locker room and discovered Sandusky raping a young boy. McQueary did not stop the molestation and left the room in hysterics.

He then reported the incident to coach Paterno, Curley and Schultz.  McQueary was notified by Curley that Sandusky’s keys to the locker room were taken away and the incident had been reported to The Second Mile, Sandusky’s nonprofit for at-risk children.

The Second Mile was the way in which the former defensive coordinator chose his victims, first lavishing them with gifts and then assaulting them in either school work out rooms or the basement of his home.

Even a temp janitor, Jim Calhoun, was aware of the situation after allegedly walking in on Sandusky performing oral sex on a boy in the Penn State showers.

So, the question arises, why didn’t any of these adults report these reoccurring incidents to the police or simply try to stop them?

McQueary and Calhoun both could have stopped the incidents the walked into, as would I have hoped any sane human being would do in this position.

The people of high statuses at the University have obvious reasons for not coming forward, such as their high ranking positions on the 12th ranking college football team or the future of the Penn State football program.

People aware of the situation who do not grasp a high ranking position at the University may have other reasons for not coming forward, shame for their football team, fear, who knows.

But no matter what their reasons were, the fact is they continued to allow these unacceptable attacks to occur. The moral judgment of these men have been clearly divulged by their astonishing choices, allowing eight young boys to be rapped and mentally scarred by this pathetic individual.

In the end, it took a scared, young child to bring Sandusky to justice, demonstrating incredible courage and strength, something some of PSU’s employees clearly lack.

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