Redwood City holds its final celebration for its 150th anniversary


Gabby Tirsell

Crowds gathered in Redwood City’s square for the final celebration of its 150th anniversary.

Gabby Tirsell, Staff Writer

Redwood City ends its yearlong festivities with a look into the past.

The final observance of the city’s 150 anniversary occurred Dec. 3 where the community was invited to learn about the history of the land they live on. City officials set up a timeline of original photographs dating back to the city’s founding. They served warm beverages and snacks and gave away special edition magazines detailing the city’s history.

Former Mayor John Seybert said, “The purpose of this event was to celebrate the past; it helps frame our future.”  

Established in 1867, Redwood City was created after the Gold Rush and has been the land of many companies, according to the city’s website. Such companies include the original location of Marine World, a marine life-based theme park, and the technology giant Oracle.

“I don’t think as a people we’ve changed that much,” city worker  Jim Gordon said. “I think we’re still as diverse and welcoming as we’ve ever been.”

More than just the history was celebrated at the event. Amongst all the diversity of the Redwood City citizens, unity and a sense of community were also purposes of the event, according to Gordon.

Seybert said, “I would think of Redwood City as being a diverse community, but one that is very engaged and different.”

The celebration took place in the square in front of the San Mateo County History Museum in downtown Redwood City, or, as Gordon referred to it, “the living room of Redwood City.”

The city commonly hosts events there such as the annual salsa festival, blues festival, and Day of the Dead celebration. During the summer, there are movies on the square every Thursday, according to Seybert.

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