Rocky Horror Picture Show viewed in Menlo Park’s Guild Theater

Rocky Horror Picture Show viewed in Menlo Park's Guild Theater

High school students have recently discovered the appeal in attending midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show live shows in Menlo Park’s Guild Theater.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a uniquely controversial movie, featuring risque scenes and sexual innuendos. Students can watch the movie being acted out by live performers as the movie plays in the background on a screen, giving the movie another level of interaction.

“It’s fun,” said Josi Flynn. “Watching it at midnight makes the audience feel like they’re part of the movie. It’s better to go with groups of friends.”

The live showings feature volunteer-based actors that make sure to include the crowd. The actors allow the audience to shout things out at the movie or at them, encouraging audience enjoyment.

Hanna Koifman commented, “I enjoy it for the showmanship and the audience participation. It’s nice to go somewhere where there is a large crowd with a similar interest.”

“The actors seem really well trained,” said William Lash. “I really liked them. Especially Dr. Frankenfurter. They really include the crowd.”

When the audience yells phrases at the actors and movie, quite a few inappropriate phrases and expletives are used. Considering the movie’s mature content and dialogue, it is not at all surprising.

“I like yelling things out, it gives a whole new perception of the movie and allows [the audience] to interact in a fun way,” said Lash. “At specific parts you yell stuff. You learn it as you go along if you’re new. It helps for a better viewing of the movie.”

This movie is not for everyone, the audience is made up of usually older teenagers and young adults. Dressing up, whether in formal wear or risque clothing, is also a common occurrence.

“It’s not for everyone, it’s definitely a pigeon-hold interest.” warned Koifman.

The Guild Theater is located right on El Camino Real, after Santa Cruz and Ravenswood Avenue in Menlo Park.

Showings of the event are generally held the the Guild Theater every other Saturday night at midnight. Tickets can be bought online or sold at the venue.

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Guild Theater in Menlo Park
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