SamTrans modifies student bus schedule


Garrett Paulus

The SamTrans’ 60, 61, 95, and 260 bus stop sits on the street outside of Carlmont.

Changes in the SamTrans bus times sparked by complaints from teachers are received positively among student riders. 

SamTrans announced on their website under the timetable updates that new bus times would be added to the schedule as students go back to school. Carlmont, Menlo-Atherton, South San Francisco, and Half Moon Bay high schools displayed changes on the list. At Carlmont, the bus traveling route 60 will now depart 10 minutes earlier, according to the chart.

Eugenio Garcia Jimenez, a sophomore at Carlmont, views the schedule change as a positive. 

“I take the 60 bus route to Carlmont all the time, and I never got there on time. So I like that they changed the time to 10 minutes earlier because now I always get to school on time,” Garcia Jimenez said.

Along with Garcia Jimenez, most other students who take the 60 bus route also say that this change has been a significant upgrade.

“I like the new bus schedule change. When the bus would leave at 8:44 a.m, we would almost always get to school late, but now with the 10 minutes earlier pick-up, I’m never late,” Simon Hua, a sophomore, said.

SamTrans added these new bus times because of complaints from students and teachers after many students failed to arrive to their first-period class on time. Privthi Dixit, a sophomore, even recalled being criticized by his mother for having several tardies on his attendance record due to the late arrival of the bus. 

“I was late to my first period a couple of times, and my teacher would get mad at me, so I am happy that the bus times changed because now I get to my first period on time,” Dixit said.

Brendan ChanWittry, a sophomore, also said that his teachers did not seem pleased with the repeated tardies.

“My teacher looked upset that I was late to her class, and I’m glad that they changed the time, so we get to school on time even though I have to get up earlier,” ChanWittry said.

Overall, most students cite these changes as a plus and a step in the right direction for SamTrans, making students, parents, and teachers happy. 

“I’m happy knowing that I will get to school on time with the new bus schedules. I hope they don’t change them again,” Dixit said.