San Carlos Farmers’ Market supports local businesses


Molly Donaldson

Vegetables for sale at the San Carlos Farmer’s Market. The market features hundreds of products from popcorn to rutabegas.

Molly Donaldson, Staff Writer

Hundreds of families gather at the San Carlos Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in order to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and bond with their community. Previously named “Hot Harvest Nights,” it has been held in downtown San Carlos on Laurel St. since 2004.

Farmers come from all over northern California to sell their goods at the San Carlos Farmers’ Market. Some sellers even have multiple farms.

“We have two locations. We have one that has vegetables in Gilroy and we have another for strawberries in Watsonville,” said Benny Rodriguez, who owns a fruit and vegetable stand.

Sellers also go to other markets around the Greater Bay Area in order to get more business.

“I go to three a week. I do one in Lincoln, which is on Wednesday and Thursday. I do Saturdays in Folsom and Sundays in San Carlos,” Rodriguez said.

Farmers’ markets allow farmers to sell directly to their customers without needing to go through an additional medium.  This method of selling allows businesses to build customer relations and increase their revenue.

“The farmers’ market is good because it creates a middleman between producer and consumer,” customer Nicky Dovydaitis said. “It gives farmers a broader audience to market their product to and helps the community through the support of local business rather than corporate reliance.”

The San Carlos Farmers’ Market provides a friendly environment where buyers and sellers can socialize and form lasting bonds. As a result, the sellers can improve their revenue and look forward to coming back.

“I don’t do the hard work on the ranch. I usually talk to people, chit-chat, and get to know them. They come often and I build sort of a friendship with them,” Rodriguez said.  

Sellers enjoy the San Carlos Farmers’ Market because of its variety and ability to attract customers from many different areas.

“The San Carlos Farmers’ Market has everything and the people come from all over,” Sam*, who owns a hummus business, said.

Customers enjoy going because they know they are guaranteed fresh and healthy goods while also supporting local businesses.

“I like the farmers’ market because I know that I’m giving money to a good cause, and in return, receiving a product that is straight from the natural source,” Dovydaitis said.

A lot of the products sold at the market are made the same day to ensure their quality.

“Our hummus needs to be fresh. We made it in the early morning and have it the same day,” Sam said. “We’re in Alameda and we have a commercial kitchen there where we make everything.”

The farmers’ market also gives the permanent businesses on Laurel St. more recognition and opportunities to increase their income.

“People come in more and it gives the business more exposure. More people know about it, and that’s how we’ve gotten a lot more customers,” Bernie*, an employee at Bow Wow Meow, said.

People enjoy the market because of its welcoming atmosphere and collection of products. It allows people of all ages to come together and connect over their affinities for fresh produce.  

“The food is always super good and there’s always new stuff to try,” sophomore Joe Seaman said. “It’s fun for everyone no matter how old they are.”

*To protect their privacy, Sam and Bernie’s last names are not included.