scots.0- A Guide to Getting a Date

scots.0- A Guide to Getting a Date

Well, its that time of year again. The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting longer, the backpacks are getting heavier. And all over Carlmont, the same plaintive cry echoes in the halls… “You going to formal?”

Winter Formal is going to be BIG this year. With the theme “Arabian Nights”, it will be hotter than hot- in a lot of good ways. But now, boys all over Carlmont have a common problem- how to ask their girlfriend/sweetheart/chick-you’ve-been-staring-at-FOREVER to the dance.

So, to save all of you boys a lot of time and fretting, this week I have chosen a video GUARANTEED to maybe get you a date, possibly. Watch and learn.

(Note: scots.O is not responsible for any damage done to your person- both mental and physical)

Good luck!

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