Scots make a surprising victory against the Wildcats


Matthew AbiEzzi

The Scots’ offensive line prepares to hike the ball.

Friday’s JV football game was a game that many people did not expect. Not only did the outcome of the game shock spectators, but it was also the first win for the Scots’ JV football team this season.

It was the beginning of the first quarter, and the Scots were off to a good start. With the ball in their possession at the 40-yard line, Leo Cappa, a sophomore running back, had two great runs covering over 60 yards to get Carlmont to the end zone for the early game lead.

Later on, the Wildcats had a beautiful throw and catch, adding eight points to tie the score at 8-8. However, two of the Wildcats’ starting defensive linebackers, Armando Vargas-Cabrera and Dimitris King, both sophomores, were injured, putting the team in a tough position.

“It is unfortunate that we lost two of our important players, but the game must go on,” said Joey Artale, a sophomore quarterback for the Wildcats.

On the first play of the second quarter, after a sack and turnover by the Scots, the Wildcats received possession. Within a few plays, Artale threw a touchdown putting Woodside ahead 16-8.

After the score, the Wildcats’ ensuing kickoff went out of bounds, placing Carlmont in Wildcat territory to start their drive. Cappa led his team inches closer to the end zone, and with the help of his blockers, he was able to progress to the 30-yard line. Cappa would eventually run the ball in, tying the score at 16-16.

Leo Cappa, a sophomore, runs the ball into the end zone. (Matthew Abiezzi)

“The first touchdown was the spark, [and] the second was the fire that got the rest of the team going,” Cappa said.

Luca Byers-Mora, a sophomore kicker for Carlmont, put the Wildcats on the 20-yard line on the next kickoff. With heavy defensive pressure from the Scots, the Wildcats sat on the 10-yard line on fourth down, struggling to gain yardage. With no choice but to punt the football, the Woodside punt was blocked by Tyler Pechetti, a sophomore, allowing an easy touchdown for the Scots. 

Along with the special teams touchdown, sophomore Austin Li scored for the Scots in the closing minutes of the first half. With those two touchdowns, the Scots went into halftime with a 28-16 lead.

“I’m very confident with our defense, and from their performance this game it’s what gave us the opportunities for easy touchdowns,” said John Hanna, running back for the Scots.

To start the second half, neither team was able to score with their first possession. The second time down the field, Carlmont sophomore Alexander Sandin found a wide-open lane 5 yards short of the end zone. Cappa would run in the ball from there, increasing the Scots’ lead to 34-16.

“If we keep pushing them towards the end zone, we will secure the lead and put ourselves in a position that we’re able to score easily,” said Arman Agarwal, a sophomore defensive lineman.

Desperately needing to put points on the board, the Wildcats began their next drive up the field. However, a misread led to Carlmont sophomore Ryan Holoyda intercepting the ball, effectively securing the Scots win.

“Our defense has been the best we have played this season and is what is keeping up in this game,” Sandin said.

The Carlmont team comes together to celebrate their victory. (Matthew Abiezzi)

Both teams would eventually score one more time, leaving the final score 42-24. For the Wildcats, the game ends with an upsetting loss on their home turf. For the Scots, it’s an encouraging win and cause for much celebration.

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