Scots show spirit at senior night tailgate


Mira Bhatt

Carlmont’s mascot, Monty, helps energize students at the tailgate and game.

The last football game of the year kicked off with a tailgate, led by the seniors on their annual senior night.

This is the second tailgate that the Associated Student Body (ASB) has hosted. A large number of students turned up to support the Carlmont football team, who played their rivals from Sequoia High School.

“There’s a lot of excitement around a football game. When the crowd gets into it, the players get a little more energized, and the right plays energize the crowd. It’s just a great overall atmosphere when there’s a lot of excitement out here,” Principal Ralph Crame said. 

Unlike traditional tailgates, the party was not held at the tailgates of parked vehicles. Instead, ASB held the event in the quad, where there is more room to play games and hang out. Students enjoyed snacking on grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, while others played cornhole and four square.

“The tailgate involves a lot of people across the school, and anyone can come in, eat some food, hang out, do their own thing, and have a good time,” said Sahana Srinivasan, a junior in ASB.

 Towards the end of the tailgate, students got ready to show their spirit. Some changed into blue tutus, wigs, and kilts, while others organized props for the Screaming Scots, the student cheer section.

 “One of the main parts of spirit is encouraging everyone to get involved and have a good time,” Srinivasan said.

Tailgates provide an opportunity for students across grades to meet each other and bond through their shared spirit. It helps build lasting memories — especially for the seniors, as this was not only their last game of the year but also of their high school experience. 

“Tailgates create an environment where students can socialize and become friends with people they might not have seen before, which builds better energy. We hold tailgates for students to socialize and have fun before the game,” said Griffin Soelberg, a senior class officer. 

Carlmont follows a long-standing tradition of hosting tailgates before football games. Tailgates have been around for a long time and likely originated from college football; according to Mile High Report, there are many theories on how they started. 

Regardless of its origination, the tailgate at the last game of the year served as a good way to end the seniors’ high school football experience.