Scots volleyball defeats the Knights at their castle


Mackenzie O'Connell

Junior Chris Ding smashes the ball over the net, earning a point for the Scots.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

Eyes constantly moving. The court. The scoreboard. Cheers from both sides echoed in the gym till the very end on the day the Scots took home a win against Hillsdale High School.

The boys volleyball team came together on April 13 to beat the Hillsdale Knights. The Knights fought hard, but were no match for the Scots as they strategized on the court with new rotations to defeat the Knights.

As the first set began, the Scots had their plays in good shape and won 25-15. Unfortunately for Carlmont, that changed soon after when the Knights came back in the second set to earn a 25-22 win. The Knights challenged the Scots’ hits as they blocked the net and became a threat to the Scots.

Sophomore Jonah Przybyszewski said, “I think it took some for us to warm up, and at the end we began to come together more as a team to win.”

Though the Knights challenged the Scots, they did not give up. The team came together during the final sets to recover their momentum from the beginning of the match. Senior Jacob Segal had solid serves that helped significantly with the Scots’ offense. Junior Chris Ding also rotated into the lineup in the final sets of the match to help the Scots come back.

Senior Malcolm McClellan and Segal dove across the court and had several amazing saves throughout the night. Przybyszewski, the Scots libero, worked with them to have solid hits against the Knights.

Junior Peyton Young said, “The second set wasn’t the best, but we worked together and after that set the team played well. Jacob was helpful on the court and kept us very motivated tonight during the whole game.”

The final set ended in a 25-13 win as momentum came back against the nights.

“We tried a  few different rotations tonight and we had a few hang-ups. At points of the game we played at the other team’s level rather than playing to our full potential,” said assistant coach Kaylee Leong, a sophomore. “At the end of the game, though, we came together. Jason Jung played outside and did really well, and Chris Ding came in and saved front row.”

Though the Scots struggled with consistency, they let no obstacles get in their way. They weren’t leaving the court until they won, and it was that determination that led them to victory.