Seniors beat staff in volleyball game


Skylar Weiss

Physics teacher Veronica Heintz blocks the ball from crossing the net.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

Carlmont seniors and staff enjoyed their Friday lunchtime by challenging each other to a volleyball game in the Scots Gym on Feb. 9.

Students of all grades had just finished their own volleyball tournament during previous lunchtimes, which had been organized by Carlmont ASB.

“It’s a bit of a tradition to have the senior students play staff members on the last day of the tournament,” said Brock Lotti, a senior class vice president.

Lunchtime sports tournaments are one of the ways students and staff can build more of a sense of community. The purpose of the tournaments is to build more relationships and include more people.

“The goal of everything [ASB does] is always to raise school spirit. The other reason we held this tournament, one that goes hand in hand with raising school spirit, is to get people who usually don’t participate in our events to come out and participate. We want to make events for all people, not just one group at Carlmont,” Lotti said.

Alli Mercier, a senior, was one of the players at the game.

“The game was a lot of fun, and everyone who wanted to play got a chance to do so. It was a very light and carefree environment,” Mercier said.

There were about 15 seniors and six staff members playing. To some, this wasn’t a big turnout.

Although the intent of the game against the staff was to include more students, some felt that it should have been advertised more.

“I actually didn’t know about the game for seniors playing staff. Had I known, I definitely would have considered playing,” said Kevin McGee, a senior.

The game was also set in the Scots Gym, which is located on the edge of campus and relatively far from classrooms. Because of this, many students were not as tempted to attend.

“The Scots Gym is so far from the Quad and the rest of the activities at school, so it made the game less enticing to some. Plus, it was a beautiful day outside, so people probably wanted to eat and sit outdoors,” Mercier said.

Despite the fact that the turnout wasn’t huge, the overall takeaway from the game was positive for many.

“The turnout wasn’t massive, but we didn’t expect many people to come because of the location. However, it was a lot of fun for the people who did come, so that’s what really matters to me,” said Lotti.