Seniors dominate sophomores in Powder Puff game


Torika Ramulo scores the touchdown that ended the game.

The Powder Puff game between the seniors and sophomores on Wednesday at lunch on the football field, was a harsh loss for the class of 2014.

Seniors scored the first touchdown putting the score 7-0. They were determined to not let the underclassmen have the upper-hand, unlike last year.

The class of 2014 last year beat the class of 2012 and left them feeling dejected. Class of 2012 had no plan, they did not practice, and went in thinking it would be an easy beat. But the freshmen last year proved as worthy opponents and took control of the game dominating the class of 2012.

This year though as the two classes went head to head again, the seniors proved more than worthy and looked prepared in how they would carry out their plan. They were coordinated and worked together as a unit.

It appeared though that a lot of unnecessary roughness was happening on both sides. A lot of taunting and swearing and shoving was going on the field, but the referees saw what was happening. Two seniors ended up getting ejected for being too rough.

When asked about this roughness happening on the field, sophomore Catherine Lukenbach stated, “They were playing dirty and a lot of our players had scratches on them. In all fairness we played pretty dirty too, except we weren’t as rough as them.”

Seniors ended the game with Torika Ramulo scoring their second touchdown ending the game with a final score of 14-0.

Seniors' domination