“Sex Education” is an interesting take on the high school experience



“Sex Education” is a semi-realistic representation of high school with an entertaining twist.

Sean Vanderaa, Staff Writer

For a show that discusses the intricacies of sex alongside high school life, “Sex Education” does a surprisingly good job of tying the two together in a comical and well-written series.

Considering its title, I wasn’t expecting much from this show, making the assumption that it would have average actors, slapstick comedy, and poorly thought out, awkward interactions. However, by the time the first episode came to a close and Netflix popped up the “Next episode will play in 5…,” I was hooked.

The show follows the life of Otis Milburn, a high school student in a rural part of the U.K., as he comes to terms with his mother’s occupation as a sex therapist and comes to adopt the role himself.


Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, best known for his roles in “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” “Ender’s Game,” and “Hugo,” is accompanied by his gay sidekick, Eric Effoing. The two struggle to deal with the burdens of having a social life within high school as they play the cliché roles of social outcasts.

They are accompanied by social-outcast Maeve Wiley, played by Emma Mackey, and the three of them begin a sex therapy business for the students at Moorfield Secondary School.

This, coupled with Otis’ own sexual problems, lead to an intriguing plot line that keeps multiple ideas contained within one show.

“Sex Education” is also brilliantly shot, with beautiful settings and vivid colors throughout a majority of the scenes. Additionally, the character’s outfits directly mirror their personalities and add another dimension to the already detailed show.

Although the show isn’t intended to promote positive ways of living for high schoolers, it does push for the acceptance of odd behavior, both socially and sexually, and in doing so addresses the concerns of many actual high school students.

“Sex Education” landed an 8.4/10 on IMDb as well as a 91 percent from Rotten Tomatoes, with many of the reviews arguing that this show is fit for audiences of all ages. The coming-of-age story type allows for all of its viewers to relate to the story line, and hence, enjoy the show even more.

Although the cast only featured a few prominent actors, such as Gillian Anderson as Otis’ mother, it also allowed for many actors to promote their name within the movie industry. Ncuti Gatwa, portrayed in “Sex Education” as Otis’ only friend, made his first appearance as a prominent character within a major production.

These actors did an amazing job, as their non-serious and yet realistic portrayal of high school teens contributed to the show’s already impressive resume.

Through the combination of great acting, strong plot line, and entertaining comedy, “Sex Education” is a show that will keep me anticipating it’s next season, and re-watching the first season over again while I wait.