Sophomores enjoy a free welcome-back treat


Sharon Tulman

Sophomore class officers, Kyle Dimick and Talia Fine, hand out donuts in the quad for sophomores to enjoy.

Sharon Tulman, Staff Writer

As students stroll onto campus after a full week of break, they already begin counting down the days until summer.

On Monday, April 17, the ASB sophomore class officers decided to welcome back the class of 2019 with a treat.

Hoping to boost students’ energy on campus, sophomore Vice President Kyle Dimick said, “We wanted to start the week off right and kind of just do something nice for the class. We felt that the class deserved it.”

Sophomore class President Talia Fine and Dimick came up with the idea to hand out donuts to students before zero and first period. The donuts were given out during lunch as well.

“The senior class got free pancakes and they inspired us to do the same for our class,” said Dimick.

“There were 300 donuts from Chucks Donuts on Ralston Avenueand we used our class money to buy them,” said Dimick.

The two announced the event on social media but tried not to publicize too much.

“We kind of wanted it to be a bit of a surprise,” said Dimick.

Marina Stoilova, a sophomore who had a donut, appreciated the kind gesture.

“I thought it was a good way to make the Monday after break a bit more bearable. This shows that the school and our class recognize how tough it is coming back from a week-long break,” said Stoilova.

The free donuts helped students start the week off on a positive note.

Lilly Joya-Campos, who also enjoyed a donut, said, “ASB giving out free donuts was a thoughtful welcome-back gesture to make our day a little better. It felt nice getting a treat in the morning, since it was challenging to get up early again after a week of sleeping in.”

“It felt great, especially because a little sugar in my system helped me wake up,” said Stoilova.

The donuts were only free to the sophomore class, but other classes were offered to buy them for a dollar each, according to Dimick.

This deed lightened up the day at Carlmont, and the class officers plan to enact a similar event again in the future.

We felt like the class of 2019 has been so awesome at dressing up for spirit days and joining tournaments this year that they deserve something from Talia and I.”

— Kyle Dimick

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