Doughnut cheeseburgers take on the Bay Area


Alexandra Stein

“The Luther” burger from Apple Fritter plays with combinations of salty and sweet.

Alexandra Stein, Staff Writer

A burger with doughnuts replacing the buns is a sinful and gluttonous meal that is sweeping the Bay Area.

Apple Fritter is a burger place, coffee shop, doughnut shop, and home to the best milkshake I have ever had.

What drew me into this restaurant was that I had heard a lot of people talking about a particular item on the menu. In the “bizarre” section of the menu there is a burger named “The Luther,” which has applewood-smoked bacon, american cheese, and yes, glazed doughnut buns.

Even though this might sound like a horrible and artery-clogging idea, everyone who I had heard from claimed it was an outrageous and amazing meal, so I decided to check it out myself.

The restaurant does not completely fit in with its surroundings, located basically under Highway 92 and not neighbored by any other restaurants.

That being said, once inside it was a friendly environment, with the walls covered in strange decorations and posters.

My companion¬†ordered the “Boring Hamburger” and I ordered the esteemed “Luther,” so that we could get a look at both the simple and the extreme side of the menu.

The pricing was a bit more expensive than your average burger, but I can assure you that these burgers were far from average.

The burger broke my expectations by not tasting like a dessert or being overly sweet. In fact, the slight sweetness paired very well with the rest of the meal.

The vanilla shake we ordered was, as aforementioned, amazing. All of the shakes at Apple Fritter are made with custard, making them equally indulgent to the doughnut burger.

Good, indulgent food coupled with fast service makes this place a definite favorite and worth visiting again.

[star rating=”5″]