Sport tournaments increase class unity


Anna Delmas

The indoor soccer tournament was the first of three tournaments.

Anna Delmas, Staff Writer

A series of sports tournaments will be taking place during lunch in the upcoming weeks.

Each sport is planned by the class officers, who are the president and vice president, of each grade. For example, this year, sophomores are taking the lead on soccer, and seniors are in charge of badminton. Other class officers are responsible for making teams of interested students.

There are three competitions taking place will be indoor soccer, badminton, and mini madness. All of them are open to anyone who wants to play, either by signing up beforehand or coming day-of.

The first was indoor soccer, which took place the week of Jan. 28. A lot of work and planning goes into these, as explained by Noah Camerino, one of the class officers in charge of the soccer tourney.

“Class officers organize the entire thing,” said Camerino, a sophomore. “We have to reserve the gym for the days that we expect to use it, coordinate with the PE teachers about the use of the facilities, make sure we have all of the things necessary to play the sport, put together teams, supervise all of the games, and clean up after.”

The next tournament is badminton, which takes places the week of Feb. 5, and was planned by the senior class officers. Ethan Liu, a sophomore and member of the badminton team will be participating.

“I’m playing because I know I can win,” Liu said. “But more importantly, I’m playing for fun and because I like badminton.”

The last tournament will be mini madness which is scheduled to take place the week of March 22. This one is a take on March Madness, the college basketball tournament. Mini madness is the most popular of the tournaments, and therefore the teams are restricted, so people on the school basketball teams can’t participate as players

“Mini madness is really fun because the class that wins the tournament gets to play against the teachers and staff!” said Valerie Wang, a senior and the president of ASB.

The tournaments are more than just sports competitions; they are also a school spirit activity.

“I think our goal is to give everybody an opportunity at competing against one another in different sports that they might not have in high school sports,” Camerino said. “It also gives a sense of unity among the different classes that can’t really be replicated by anything else.”