Student preparation for finals


[media-credit id=11 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]With finals fast approaching, students are starting preparation during dead week.

There are some simple methods upon studying for finals including notecards, outlines, and repeatedly going over notes.

“I like when teachers give me a study guide so I can use it to study off of,” said Jael Testa.

Some subjects require more preparation, while with others there is nothing you can do ahead of time.

For example, English classes that require in-class essays; the only thing you can do is memorize the structure.

“I just try to remember the different tones for my essay… but there isn’t really any way to study for in-class essays,” commented Olivia Ong.

The question is how many students are taking advantage of dead week to actually study?

“I don’t use dead week to study… I use the day before the final to study,” said David Kelm.

The other problem with dead week is that some teachers have decided to do more work instead of review.

This doesn’t allow a lot of time for students to prepare and Alex Dova is one of the people who is frustrated with the situation.

“My physics class is starting a new unit while doing review so it’s going to be hard to study for everything,” Dova expressed.

As work turns to finals in the next week, Carlmont students are hitting the books.

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