Students excited for next year’s classes


[media-credit id=47 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]As we come closer to the end of the school year, most students have met with their guidance counselors to pick their classes for next year.

Most students are excited, such as freshman Calvin Dickerson, who said that “I’m taking weight training, because I want to bulk up.”

Students are also thinking about their future, too as freshman Kennedy Rothenbescher notes that, “I’m taking women’s choir and show choir, because it will help me start a career,” and junior Alasan Cruz, who said, “I’m taking AP Calculus and AP Physics, along with Green Engineering because I want to major in engineering in college.”

Freshman Kento Murray was more reflective and stated, “I’m taking AG Calculus and AP English because adults always say they didn’t challenge themselves when they had the opportunity, so I thought I should.”

Carlmont is offering a wide range of courses this year, from Advanced Integrated Science for incoming freshmen all the way to AP English Literature for seniors. The new Biotech building allow for more enrollment and space for Carlmont’s science department, which is offering varied classes such as Human Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Green Engineering for students next year.

In addition, students can opt to take Spanish, Mandarin, or French in the foreign language department. Students can also opt to take Spanish Literature, an honors class devoted to the study and appreciation of Spanish Literature.

Students will have to meet with their counselor to make sure they are going to earn all the credits they need by their senior year. The Career Technical Education requirement, for example, requires that students take at least one class that prepares them for a career. Journalism, Digital Photography,  Art, and Choir are some of the classes that fulfill the CTE credit.

Carlmont also requires that all students take four years of history and English in order to graduate. Students usually have a choice between regular level classes or their AP counterparts.