Students face off in the indoor soccer tournament

Sophomore Kaitlyn Gates gets ready for the indoor soccer tournament by practicing in the gym.

Adriana Kurtovich

Sophomore Kaitlyn Gates gets ready for the indoor soccer tournament by practicing in the gym.

Adriana Kurtovich, Staff Writer

Carlmont students kicked off the lunch-time indoor soccer tournament in the main gym on March 13.

Indoor soccer is very similar to outdoor soccer, but the field is much smaller and has no out-of-bounds area.

Sophomore Vice President Kyle Dimick said, “We don’t have an indoor soccer team, so this is the closest to it. People are generally passionate about soccer or really just there to have fun.”

At lunch on March 13, the freshmen and sophomores kicked off the tournament by battling against each other. Then, on March 14, the juniors battle the seniors.

On March 16, the two winning teams from each game will play to determine the final winner.

Dimick said, “The winning team will get pride and bragging rights.”

During the tournament, there will be a total of three games and each will last about 20 minutes.

Teams will be a mixture of girls and boys with, at most, seven players on the court, only three to five of them being actual Carlmont soccer players.

Carlmont varsity soccer player and sophomore Samantha Tolu said, “I don’t get to play with many people at school, so I enjoy playing with different people.”

The players are not allowed to tackle or kick the ball higher than their waist for safety reasons and there are no throw-ins because there is no out of bounds.

According to the Soccer Training Guide, the walls are a player’s best friend because they can be used on defense and offense. Walls can be used as an extra player or to trap a player where it’s harder for them to score.

Student officials will be in charge of making sure no players break any rules, and if any rule is broken, the student will be kicked out of the game.

Isabel Mayoss, a junior, said, “I’m a little nervous just because I know how competitive everyone can get, but I also know it’s a fun school event where things can’t get too rough.”

For many, the indoor soccer tournament is a way to play a sport they enjoy with some of their friends and compete against students from other grades.

ASB President and senior Liam Jocson said, “I’m most excited to play against the other classes. I like establishing heated rivalries because they make the matches more fun.”

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