Students sign up for Carlmont’s Got Talent


Sharon Tulman

Flyers by ASB promote Carlmont’s Got Talent throughout the hallways.

Sharon Tulman, Staff Writer

Singers, dancers, and artists will all be gathered in the quad for one competition and one prize.

Carlmont’s Got Talent is an event during lunch where students can perform any talent they have.

Students can sign up in the ASB room from March 20 to April 4.

Jake Stulbarg, a junior who is part of the ASB spirit commission, said, “It’s a time for students to get out of their comfort zone and perform in front of a live audience.”

What talents are you most looking forward to seeing at the talent show?


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Carlmont’s Got Talent gives students an opportunity to display their talents and is an exciting way to get involved during lunch.

Sophomore Kayla Gustafson, another spirit commissioner, said, “We chose to do this event because we want students to be able to get involved in school activities and this is another way to make that possible. It is interesting for people to show off their skills and for students to watch and see what talents their peers have.”

The winners of the talent show are given the chance to perform in the celebration assembly at the end of the school year.

Stulbarg said, “We will have teachers and students share their opinion on the performance, but in the end, the crowd dictates who the winner is.”

Students can perform individually or as a group and any talent is welcome. 

Amy Yolland, a junior, said, “Last year in Carlmont’s Got Talent, my friend and I walked on stilts, weaving through cones and catching gummies in our mouths.”

Some students are concerned about performing alone but choose to do it with a friend to make it easier.

Yolland said, “Performing just felt normal because I was with one of my best friends so I never paid any attention to the audience.”

Others like Sedona Regan, a junior who performed a cappella mash-ups with Monty’s Pitches last year, are calmer in front of an audience.

“It feels amazing to perform in front of other students but that’s just me. I love performing for crowds or just anyone in general,” said Regan.

ASB has been running this activity for a long time and hopes more students decide to get involved.

“Students love performing and ASB loves giving students the opportunity to perform and get out of their comfort zone,” said Stulbarg.