Plentea is a refreshing sip into the world of boba


Plentea’s storefront in San Francisco on the corner of Pine and Kearny in the Financial District.

Zana Lunsford, Staff Writer

Located on the corner of Pine and Kearny in San Francisco’s financial district, the popular bubble tea cafe Plentea made its debut to the public in 2014 and soon after opened another location.

Plentea’s founder, Henry Tang, believes in a strict philosophy of giving the public delicious boba tea with quality ingredients that consumers can taste.

After hearing about Plentea from several friends, I decided to take a walk through San Francisco to get a taste of Tang’s vision, and it was oh-so refreshing.

When walking into the small, cozy space I was immediately drawn to the aesthetically pleasing interior decorations and the earthy colors that let the beverages speak for themselves.

I was with four other people and we all ordered separate drinks, hot and cold, giving me a chance to taste several items off of the menu.

The first drink we ordered was Plentea’s Classic Milk Tea with their house blend black tea and tapioca pearls. With lovely chocolate undertones to complement the traditional black tea flavors, the Classic Milk Tea was smooth and delicious to taste.

Secondly, we ordered the Sea Salt Cream Oolong Tea off of Plentea’s special milk tea menu. This was a new drink that I had never tried before, and I was excited to taste something new. The drink is an oolong tea topped with sea salt cream and tapioca pearls. The flavor was thick and full bodied with a great sweetness to compliment the saltiness.

The third drink ordered was the hot Jasmine Green Milk Tea with tapioca pearls. While this was my drink of choice and it was delicious, it was too hot to order in the complimentary glass bottle that is signature to the boba tea company. The drink itself was perfect — the temperature was perfect enough to drink and the sweetness wasn’t overpowering. It was cold and windy that day, so I was happy to have a drink that warmed me up from the inside out.

The final drink we ordered was mine and the group’s personal favorite, Mango Green Tea. Made with organic jasmine green tea and Kent mangoes, this drink was simply refreshing. The floral notes of the tea mixed with the fruity floral of the mango created an island feel that was fresh and flavorful.

Plentea’s delicious menu and cozy, modern atmosphere created an enjoyable experience in the heart of San Francisco.