Laurel Street’s Gelataio exceeds expectations


Sophie Lynd

Gelataio opens its doors to downtown San Carlos, serving a variety of flavors of gelato and sorbetto.

Sophie Lynd, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

Peanut butter and Oreo-flavored gelato topped with a dark chocolate drizzle and a vanilla wafer is just one of the creations you can find at Gelataio.

The 600 block of Laurel Street in downtown San Carlos is reaching the end of its recent construction projects. Sneakers American Grill has recently moved into its new location at 650 Laurel St, and Sneakers’ newest neighbor, Gelataio, has just opened its doors next door.

While Gelataio is new to Laurel Street, it has quickly become popular.

After finally reaching the end of the line out the door, customers are greeted by an array of gelato and sorbetto flavors to choose from. These flavors include mint chip, Camarena cherry, and matcha green tea. Customers are allocated up to four of these flavors, depending on the size cup they choose.

My pick off the menu was a medium cup filled with peanut butter cup and Oreo-flavored gelato topped with a dark chocolate-covered wafer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my treat from the first bite to the last scrape at the bottom of the cup.

The gelato itself was perfectly dense and flavorful. As gelato is supposed to be of a thicker consistency than ice cream, I felt that the flavors were vibrant, but not too rich that I was unable to enjoy them.

Although the gelato is the main source of flavor, the wafer proved to be more valuable to the entire experience than I expected. Because the gelato is so dense and full of flavor, I found myself taking somewhat of a break from the gelato by enjoying the wafer in between bites.

While scoops of gelato are the most popular choice for customers, Gelataio offers a select number of its flavors in bar form. Customers can enjoy chocolate chip, mint, and caramel flavors in a chocolate-covered gelato bar.

These gelato bars cost $4.99 while a small cup of gelato costs $4.50 and a medium cup $5.50. However, these bars are pre-made and do not come in all flavors, nor do they come with a chocolate-covered wafer.

These prices are within a few cents of Gelataio’s closest competitor, The Crepe Stop. Just a few blocks away, The Crepe Stop serves gelato in addition to crepes and paninis. A small cup of gelato there costs $3.75 and a medium cup costs $4.75.

While Gelataio is slightly more expensive than other local options, the quality and taste are worth the extra cents.

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