The galaxy expands

The galaxy expands

Michael Bastaki, Highlander Editor

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived, and with it the birth of numerous high-tech features.The Galaxy series have been the flagship of Samsung, and propelled Samsung into the phone industry. This phone is considered a main rival for the Iphone 5, HTC One V, and the Windows phone.

The top five new high-tech features found on the Galaxy are: translator, smart scroll, air gesture, camera, and display.

Translator The Galaxy’s new translator takes communication to a whole new level. The translator will translate languages on a page or spoken words. This profound technology can also “talk back” to the speaker, which would allow a tourist to speak in his/her native language to their Galaxy, and then have their phone translate their words and repeat it in any language necessary. This technology is perfect for anyone who wants to travel abroad, but doesn’t want to condemn themselves to having to learn a new language.

Smart Scroll The Galaxy’s smart scroll is somewhat of a revelation, and there was a ton of hype about it leading up to the release. Smart scroll is an innovative technology that allows an individual to scroll through a page using nothing but their eyes. The Galaxy uses the front camera to detect eye movements and move the screen accordingly. This technology is perfect for those of us who like to cram food in our mouths while staying up-to-date with the social world.

Air Gesture The Galaxy’s air gesture allows an individual to swipe their hand across the screen to turn the page without ever physically touching the screen. This technology also allows an individual to “hover” over an icon, such as an email, which then enlarges the icon to display more in-depth information about the icon without ever opening it. This technology is perfect for situations where an individual’s hands are dirty, but they need to access their phone.

Camera The Galaxy’s new camera is so good that there’s basically no point in having a camera anymore. Boasting a 13 mega pixel auto focus camera and a front-facing 2 mega pixel camera, the galaxy is guaranteed to preserve that perfect moment. The phone also has full HD video recording to keep those moments that are just a little bit longer. The main camera (13 mega pixel) has thirteen different camera modes, notably HDR (High Dynamic Range) and dual camera mode, which uses both cameras at the same time. This camera is perfect for anyone; from an aspiring photographer to a hyper teenage girl.

Display The Galaxy has a history of having absolutely breath-taking displays, and the new S4 is absolutely no exception. With a full HD five inch screen featuring an astounding 1920 x 1080 resolution, the S4 makes most other phones seem pixilated and old. One will be astounded by the vibrant colors and detailed shapes that this screen presents, and the HD movies will make one feel like they are watching from his/her couch. This display is perfect for anyone interested in watching movies on their phone, or individuals who like to play video games on their phones.

Essentially, the Galaxy has established itself by having cutting-edge technology, and the new S4 has just that.