The Try Guys’ new book puts spin on modern philosophy


Andrea Butler

“Welcome to life. You’re going to fail,” is a central message of the Try Guys’ first book, “The Hidden Power of F*cking Up.”

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Four guys.

A myriad of YouTube videos.

A lot of regrets.

But even more great experiences and failures.

Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfield are known as the Try Guys. They began at Buzzfeed making and producing videos, then later split to form their own company in April 2018. They make videos trying anything and everything from drag to DIY, and in doing so, face their fears head-on.

To handle the numerous failures that have stacked up over the years of trying things, they’ve accepted that failure is expected, necessary, and has positive benefits.

Their book, “The Hidden Power of F*cking Up,” chronicles how they’ve become who they are, interspersed with life lessons they’ve learned, and how the reader can apply them to their respective lives.

It’s split up into six sections: Our Failosophy, Health, Style, Work, Love, and Family. Each chapter delves into the specifics of how that idea evolved personally for all of them throughout the years based on their experiences.

A general introduction lays the base for each chapter with a couple of small sections written about how they feel about where they are in their lives within the bounds of each topic. Scattered throughout are factoids about people who’ve tried and failed, but then succeeded, much like the Try Guys’ self-proclaimed “failosophy.”

Being a book written by four unique individuals, each chapter encompasses quite a bit of differentiating flair. That aspect, along with their various senses of humor, makes the sections feel very personal. This, in turn, adds a weight to the lessons that makes the reader more inclined to believe and listen to them. 

That being said, the content is quite cheesy, especially regarding the things they’ve learned collectively and individually. The way the book is structured, it sounds a bit over-rehearsed and a little bit of the spark that comes out in their videos is lost. 

However, given that they are media producers and not writers, the book is very well thought out, and it conveys the messages they want to get across to people. Also, it’s a representation of them, so it’s okay to have a bit of cheese.

The layout of the book is quite aesthetically pleasing, with each section clearly labeled, as well as a tactful use of the Try Guys’ signature colors. The font is also clear and large enough, and the vast array of pictures used add another level of reality to the experience.

The messages that they share throughout the book all stem from a lot of thinking and self-reflection, so if a couple seem far-fetched at the moment, it’s okay. Not everyone is at the level of the Try Guys are and getting over the hurdles that they have takes time.

Make an effort to get out into the world and try everything. After all, the worst thing you can do is fail, and thanks to the Try Guys, we know that’s actually the best thing that can happen.

Rating: [star rating=”5″]