Juniors go wacky on Wednesdays


   [media-credit id=15 align=”alignnone” width=”200″][/media-credit]A handful of juniors could be seen in neon colors, crazy prints and altogether outrageous outfits on Wednesday.
   Their outfits of choice are the start of something new here at Carlmont – Wacky Wednesdays.
   “We’re trying to start a trend. It’d be cool to come back 10 years from now and see people still participating in Wacky Wednesday,”  Connor Moore explained.
Wacky Wednesdays will become a way to add some school spirit here in Carlmont and give students a chance to wear something other than what is considered “normal.”
Moore and Duzi Hlatshwayo are the founders of the new spirit day. The idea came to them after working for Legarza Basketball Camp. Hlatshwayo commented “At Legarza we had Wacky Wednesdays and they were really fun so when we came back to school, I said to Connor ‘We should do it here.’”
Wacky Wednesdays will take place on the last Wednesday of every month. The spirit day is open to anyone and everyone at Carlmont. As far what is acceptable in terms of clothes, Evan Brummer states that you should wear “the weirdest [expletive] you have.”
“If your mom looks at you funny when you’re walking out the door, you’re doing something right,” Moore added.
Pick out your outfit now, the next one will be Wednesday, September 28.