The world struggles without sports

A couple sits in dismay after the NBA cancels a contest between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder and announces an indefinite suspension of play.

Scenes from the abruptly canceled Jazz vs. Thunder NBA game / Gieson Cacho / Mercury / CC-BY

A couple sits in dismay after the NBA cancels a contest between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder and announces an indefinite suspension of play.

The pandemic that is currently sweeping the planet has caused everyone lots of pain, frustration, sadness, and boredom. It has also removed a constant in life that people cherish and bond over; the world of sports has temporarily come to a standstill. 

On March 11, the NBA took drastic action to shield fans and players from COVID-19 as commissioner Adam Silver decided to suspend the 2019-20 NBA season. It was not long after when other major sports leagues across the U.S. began to follow suit and also halt their seasons to help slow the spread of the virus. MLS suspended their season, MLB pushed back the start to baseball season, and March Madness was canceled entirely this year. 

 The future of major sports and fans being able to attend events is very much clouded and uncertain. Fans and players alike anticipate the first pitch on Opening Day or the Final Four in March Madness for months. To not be able to have it during this unusual and trying time is tough. Sports represent an outlet that nothing else can fill, for many people.

“I miss baseball very much because of what joy it brings me when I watch and play it. I have a connection to the game that I don’t feel about many other things. Baseball can get me through the worst or best of times, and it sucks I am unable to play the game I love,” said Carlmont sophomore, Tanner Van Why, a player on the varsity baseball team. 

 The future of basketball is different from other major sports that were halted because the regular season was close to ending. Alternate plans eventually will be made regarding the course of the rest of the season. As of right now, it is not known if the NBA will proceed directly to the playoffs, finish the remaining regular-season games, or cancel the season entirely.

“The events that are going on right now in the world feel surreal. I think it feels so weird not to have basketball because it is on almost every night and now it’s just gone. We also have no clue when it is going to come back,” said Luca Byers, a freshman at Carlmont. 

 Without a baseball or basketball game to watch every night, many people are finding new activities to substitute for the enjoyment that sports give them. This unusual period is a great time for people to find out what their interests are, especially since people have more free time.

I want to try new things but I am mostly watching a lot of Netflix to pass the time of being in shelter-in-place,” said Sam Laudor, a Summitt Charter sophomore,

Resolving the issue of sports is not the top priority in the world currently. However, it will become more and more of a pressing issue as the U.S recovers from this crisis.

Athletes, trainers, coaches, officials, fans, and all those involved in the sports world must patiently await the time that their beloved games and leagues return. When the world of sports does return, people will truly know how much they appreciate sports in their daily lives.

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