Times are changing

Times are changing

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” is a quote from a famous poem by Robert Frost. I believe this statement stands more true today then ever before. Perhaps the metaphor he intended for is not what I am referring to, however, the situation that the human race has gotten itself into is one that may not be fixed. Specific declared nations are certainly more responsible than others but that is no longer of the point. We are destroying nature at an unprecedented rate. It’s increasingly frightening when I look around to see the mess we have made.

There are two roads to take these days; evolution, or destruction. We can choose to strive for survival or submit to our self-created demise. By the looks of things the latter of the two is going to be the conclusion to the glorious strife that has been humanity. Our history is not entirely clear but our future is just about written in stone. We’re done.

Now, there are specific individuals who are trying to make a difference, and even specific countries(the majority of which are in South America). But without the entire world to stop the incessant game that society has become we will make almost no progress. I could trouble you with the facts and figures that provide the evidence, but to be honest it may only depress you. I believe the world is burning to the ground and with each and every passing day the only solution to this problem is diminishing.

It’s a horrible thing to have to understand that the current youth of society may not live out the rest of their lives. And maybe I am over-exaggerating and we’ll have some more time but it would only mean that their children will be the ones’ who’s lives are cut short.

Go out and make a difference while you still can…

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