Trader Joe’s welcomes the Halloween season with affordable pumpkins


Camran Hitchcock

With a variety of pumpkins, shoppers have the opportunity to choose from different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Camran Hitchcock, Staff Writer

Speckled or striped, bumpy or smooth, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes arrive straight from the patch to your doorstep all thanks to the middleman: Trader Joe’s.

Each year, Trader Joe’s adds pumpkins to the list of items sold at their stores. Their wide assortment of colors and shapes allows buyers to select a carvable or decorative pumpkin perfect for their home.

Trader Joe’s pumpkins come in different sizes: large, small, medium, and mini, along with gourds. They also offer a selection of colorful pumpkins with different textures and shapes that are squash-like, or what Trader Joe’s calls their “I can’t believe that’s a pumpkin” pumpkin.

“We have the ‘fantasy’ pumpkins too. They’re all a little different and have different colors, but the orange ones we have here and the mini ones all look pretty similar. I think that’s what people are usually looking for,” said Hannah Heffel, an employee at Trader Joe’s.

According to Trader Joe’s employee Arthur Baldwin, their pumpkins come from the valley down in Southern California.

Aside from the many options to choose from, shoppers find Trader Joe’s a quality place to buy pumpkins due to the price.

“I think some people would rather buy pumpkins at Trader Joe’s because pumpkins at a pumpkin patch are really expensive. I mean you have the experience of going to the pumpkin patch, but Trader Joe’s has the same pumpkins for almost half the price,” said Sophie Brack, a Carlmont sophomore.



Customers also find the store’s pumpkins appealing because of the close drive and proximity from their home to a local store.

“I would normally buy [pumpkins] over the hill in Half Moon Bay, so it would just be the drive. At Trader Joe’s, it’s convenient,” said Annabelle Vakili, a local and customer of Trader Joe’s.

However, some find the tradition of picking out a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch more enjoyable and seasonal.

“Most people take their kids [to a pumpkin patch] to take pictures and go in the hay maze and other activities, but may or may not even buy a pumpkin since there are so many other things to do. Pumpkin patches are more family oriented since kids can pick out a pumpkin and just have fun doing so,” Brack said.

According to Heffel, pumpkin patches are a different experience for adults and children alike.

“People like to go to a pumpkin patch because it’s more festive, there are photo-opts, and it’s good for children too. Whereas here, you pick out a pumpkin with your groceries,” Heffel said.

Whether one is preferred over the other, a pumpkin patch and Trader Joe’s both enable the buyer to celebrate the fall season.

“It just depends on the kind of experience you want. Go to the pumpkin patch, make a day of it. If you’re just on your way and don’t have time, pick up a pumpkin [at Trader Joe’s],” Heffel said.