Tragedies like the Boston Bombings are common occurrences worldwide


The Boston Marathon finish line area at which the bomb went off

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

The Boston Marathon finish line area at which the bomb went off
The Boston Marathon finish line area at which the bomb went off [used with permission from creative commons]
Are American lives any more valuable than any other lives? No. We all live and we all die. We have people who care about us; people who never want to lose us, no matter who we are or where we come from.

The tragedies that occur worldwide every single day are acknowledged less by the American people than three deaths and numerous injuries in a terrorist attack in Boston, Massachusetts.

Of course it is never okay to take somebody’s life for the wrong reasons, but it happens every day in places outside of the United States.

Three deaths? Of course it is terrible, but three people were basically killed every hour in bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We are so vulnerable as a nation that we implode.

How does the United States expect to grow as a nation if we only focus on our own people? As such a prominent world power, the focus needs to be on the humanity and wellness of the world beyond our borders.

Some say we need to “increase security at marathons.” The problem is, that request is unrealistic.  Events like marathons are held outdoors and they are free to the public. Unless the security cracks down on every single person who enters the area, it is virtually impossible for these terrorists to be stopped.

There are no specific aspects that people have that should be watched for. There are rarely signs, suspicions, or secrecy that a potential terrorist may exert. A terrorist can be anybody with a backpack and the right materials. It is unfortunate but unstoppable.

Pray for Boston, but pray more for the rest of the world whose deaths and terror go unacknowledged every single day.

What happened in Boston was a very unfortunate event. The death and injury toll it took on the people of Boston is saddening. But before collapsing under the grievance and mourning of the nation, the American people need to understand that this is a mere dot in the terror that happens everyday worldwide.

If people have “lost hope in humanity” and want it to be restored, it starts right here in society where one life is no more valuable than another half way across the world.