Usain Bolt Ready For Redemption



After a disappointing 100M, Usain Bolt has returned with a vengeance to prove to the world that he is worthy of gold.

 Last Monday the world fell in shock as Usain Bolt was disqualified for a false start in the 100M, an event where he was chosen hands down to be the winner.

Bolt’s stats coming into the 200M on Friday include being the reigning world and Olympic champion, world record holder with a 19.19, and so far has this years fastest time of 19.86. What many wonder is if Monday’s failure will get to his head and affect his race on Friday.

After the race on Monday in which he tore off his shirt after the race out of frustration with himself, Bolt swore he would forget it and let it not affect him. “Looking for tears?” he told a small group of reporters after the race. “Not going to happen. I’m OK.”

Many of his racers have seen that Bolt is merely human, and not the god many have assumed he is after a three year undefeated streak until the disqualification.

Certain racers though predict that Bolt will come back stronger than ever, using the loss to motivate him. Injured sprinter Tyson Gay has said Bolt will come out flying in the 200m, predicting: “He’s going to put on his 2009 face and go to war.”

In my opinion, I think Bolt will use his anger towards the race, and in the end he will be far ahead of all others.

(images from via creative commons license)