Waterfront Pizza: an exceptional experience

falafel, tabbouli, hummus, olives, and vegetable appetizer

Kelly Cline

falafel, tabbouli, hummus, olives, and vegetable appetizer

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

Falafel, tabbouli, hummus, olives, and vegetable appetizer












Waterfront Pizza, located  at 969 Edgewater Blvd. in Foster City, offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere for delicious pizza and Mediterranean food.

With a diverse and delicious appetizer menu, it may be the course that fills the customer up. Classic Middle Eastern dishes are offered at reasonable prices for the quality and they are always presented fresh. The use of flavor in all of the dishes takes one to the Mediterranean and leaves them there until the end of the meal.

The main courses, from pizza to kebab, are  large enough to share and pizzas come in various different sizes. When I went, I ordered the Mezza Feast for appetizer and the Mid-East Pizza for the main course. The Mezza Feast had hummus, baba ganouje, tabouli, labaneh, falafel, foul mudamas, muhammara, shanklesh, mousakka, spinach and cheese fatayer, and pickles. .

These are all traditional middle-eastern starters, and they were all phenomenal and unique. The pizza had feta, mozzarella, zaatar, and tomatoes on it, and it was beyond words. The crispiness of the crust and the immense flavor of the toppings blew me away.

Another aspect of Waterfront is the outdoor seating and hookah bar. For customers 18 and over, hookahs are available for $15 each with the choice of any single flavor or any mixed flavors. The workers are very hospitable and make one feel very comfortable and taken care of. Waterfront is a must-go and I will be back very soon. It is very family-oriented on the inside, while the outside provides time for adults to get away. Great food and enjoyment will keep it an attraction for a very long time.

Rate: 4 out of 4

Price: $$$