Weekend homework: an academic form of torture


Jessica Adair, Staff Writer/Columnist

Teachers subject their students to forms of torture everyday; some of the most prominent and agonizing forms include group projects, outlines, and presentations. Even though I believe these assignments are tedious and just plain annoying, there is one form I will not tolerate: weekend homework.

Assignments like projects and outline are designed to help students, while weekend homework is merely designed to destroy them. I don’t understand what’s so great about making students suffer and drown in homework on days when they aren’t even in school. It’s completely unnecessary.


We already have to spend 71 percent of our week sitting in class, taking notes, and doing our homework until dawn. 71 percent is more than enough, why must we give up our 29 percent of free time as well?

Being a high school student is way more difficult than teachers think, what with homework, extracurricular activities, college preparation, and sleep. Every night I literally map out how long each homework assignment will take and how much sleep I will end up getting.

Weekends are supposed to be a time for students to have fun and do something besides worry about their grades, even if it is only for two days. Two days might not seem like a long time, but it in the student world, that’s 48 free hours of sleep.

Despite this, I think the real problem lies in the teacher’s motivation for giving weekend homework. If they know it will cause stress every single day and every single hour, why do they give it anyways? The answer lies in the fact that teachers are envious of their student’s free time.

We all know that teachers spend their weekend grading papers all day. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who invented weekend homework was a teacher who got tired of grading all the time and decided that if he can’t have fun on the weekend, nobody can.

Giving weekend homework should be put into the “Seven Deadly Sins.” In fact, I’m surprised that it’s not already there. The idea

of it is just evil and senseless, and that’s just the way it is