Wrestling team recruits for their next season


Nicole Yeo

Carlmont Athletic Director Pat Smith talks to the members of wrestling team.

Nicole Yeo, Staff Writer

Whether it’s painting, singing, running, or swimming, Carlmont students participate in a plethora of extracurriculars. In fact, many students take part in multiple extracurriculars at the same time.

Sophomore Zane Rodriguez is one of these students: he is a three-sport athlete involved in Carlmont’s football, baseball, and wrestling teams.

Although almost every student knows that Carlmont has baseball and football teams, many are unaware of Carlmont’s wrestling team.

“I like [wrestling] a lot because you get so tired, you work so hard, but the payout is so worth it at the end,” Rodriguez said. “Physically, it’s challenging, but when you’re halfway through the season, you can definitely notice how much you’ve changed and grown.”

Carlmont’s wrestling team held an interest meeting last Friday in the weight room to estimate the number of people interested in joining the wrestling team for next year.

“About six underclassmen are returning next year, so I think this is a good time to try to jumpstart the program and start to have practices at Carlmont right after school,” said Carlmont’s Athletic Director, Patrick Smith.

Last season, the team held joint practices at Sequoia High School with Sequoia’s wrestling team. They are hoping that if the program generates enough interest, they will be able to have practices at Carlmont next year.

“It takes around 30 to 40 minutes just to get over to Sequoia because we have to take the bus and it’s just more of a hassle,” said Jack Peasley, a freshman.

In addition to ending the inconvenient commute to Sequoia, Smith hopes that having practices at Carlmont will increase interest in the wrestling program for both genders.

The first year, I enjoyed [wrestling], so that’s kind of the main reason I came back the second year. It’s just a fun sport.”

— Zane Rodriguez

“[It’s] important to know that it’s a coed sport, so girls and boys are allowed to be on the wrestling team,” Smith said.

He plans to hold another meeting to see how many people are interested in joining the wrestling team with tryouts in early November.

According to Smith, people who are planning to try out for the team next year should have a strong work ethic and a good attitude.

“A lot of people that start wrestling in high school don’t have any experience, so lack of experience should not inhibit somebody from trying out,” Smith said.

Rodriguez also cited the importance of strength and technique.

“I’d say to really make sure you pay attention during practices. Get those techniques down, and make sure you practice them,” Rodriguez said.

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