10 signs that the end of the school year is near


Danielle Hamer

School’s out — scream, jump, and shout!

Danielle Hamer , Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

Some students prepare for the end of the school year by studying hard for final exams, while others have already given up and prematurely thrown their binders away. Either way, almost everyone is struggling to get their minds off the beach, the sun, and the weeks of freedom ahead.

There are certain undeniable signs that the end is near, as both students and staff peer out of the dirty classroom windows toward the blue skies and bright sun, excitedly awaiting summer vacation.

  1. Your resume for that ice cream shop is accompanied by 50 others.

Anyone who’s anyone is gunning for a hot new summer job.

  1. You have memorized every layout in Google presentations.

Project after project is being assigned in each class, and you are avidly using “Light Gradient,” “Lesson Plan,” and “Swiss” to complete them.

  1. The good ol’ California sun is starting to show its face.

Sun’s out guns out, blue skies, exposed thighs, whatever — too bad you’re cramming indoors for finals.

  1. You are beginning to find out that your teachers have other clothes besides dress shirts.

Bring out the flip flops and t-shirts. Contrary to popular belief, teachers are actually humans and can be affected by the change to a warm season.

  1. The attendance clerk knows you all too well.

You’re running out of excuses to get out of class to enjoy the warm weather. You’re also wondering if she’s worried about you — you have allegedly had ten dental appointments in the past month.

  1. “The final will be cumulative” is a phrase that has become a constant threat to you in each of your classes.

You can’t even recall the material you learned last week in class, let alone throughout the entire year. Plus, you definitely set fire to your first semester notes  and binders during Winter Break.

  1. Your fingers are now cramping not because of timed writes, but because of the incessant shoving of yearbooks into your hands.

There’s only so many variations of “Have a great summer! I’ll miss you!” that you can write.

  1. The final-grade calculator website is bookmarked on your smartphone.

It’s always there to do calculations for you, except for when it tells you that you need a 126% on your final exam to pass the class.

2. You sharpen your skills in cramming an entire year’s worth of class material on one index card.

You may need a magnifying glass to read it on the test, but hey, at least you were granted a cheat sheet!

1. One lonely pen remains in your pencil pouch.

Gone are the complete sets of colored highlighters, lead-filled mechanical pencils, and sticky notes. That one pen you got that one time at that one dentist office is your only loyal writing utensil — hold on to it while you can.