Armenian Club spreads awareness and culture

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

Armenian Club sells meat-stuffed "keufte" at Heritage Fair.
Armenian Club sells meat-stuffed “keufte” at Heritage Fair.

Whether it is participating in Clubs Fair, Heritage Fair, the April 24 Armenian Genocide Commemoration, or simply holding weekly meetings at lunch, the Carlmont Armenian Club represents the idea of uniting under a similar cause: preserving their culture and spreading their heritage.

Every other Tuesday at lunch, the Armenian Club meets in E-7 to discuss upcoming events and to spend some quality time with each other. With current members ranging from seniors to sophomores, the club welcomes all students to become part of their family.

“Having this club is awesome and vital to us because not very many people know who Armenians are,” said senior Raffi Samurkashian. “Through the Armenian Club, we can educate people about our culture, cause, and what we are always fighting for.”

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 is one of the main causes that the Armenian Club aims to spread awareness about each year. Every April 24, the club sets up a table at lunch and hands out flyers regarding the genocide led by the Ottoman Turks.

“Since Turkey has yet to recognize the Armenian Genocide, it is our job as youth to raise awareness and get non-Armenians to help us with the struggle for justice,” said sophomore Dro Avetian.

Along with this cause comes the importance of keeping their Armenian culture alive. By discussing global issues regarding Armenians and by brainstorming ways to accelerate change being done by the diaspora, the members of the club remain dedicated to the Armenian spirit.

“We as Armenians have to preserve our culture before it fades away altogether. It is our main goal and it will be accomplished,” said Samurkashian.

The Carlmont Armenian Club is a continuously growing club that invites students of all backgrounds to join. Carlmont students of different cultures and religions currently participate and support the goals and aspirations of the club.