A Day To Remember performing ’till everyone is singing la, la la la’


Ravina Gujral, ScotCenter Segment Editor

Four massive alternative rock bands, A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, and The Wonder Years put on a show at the San Jose State Event Center on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013 for their grand House Party Tour.

Each band brought their own twist during their performances, gaining the approval of thousands of fans. Progressively, the venue full of people got louder and louder as the night went on.

“You Had Me At Hello” and “If It Means A Lot To You” by A Day To Remember were arguably the most emotional, meaningful parts of the night since they were the only bare, acoustic songs sung throughout the concert. For many, each song has a significant meaning that accounts to their lives, creating a very sentimental vibe.

Though A Day To Remember was headlining the tour, the other bands made it an even bigger concert, thus the name, The House Party Tour. Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, and The Wonder Years sang many of their newest songs along with classic favorites gaining more fans than ever.

The opening band, The Wonder Years, brought more of a pop punk vibe to the show with their most widely known song, “Came Out Swinging.” They began with a rough start, although proceeded to a great finish that pumped the crowd up for the rest of the show.

The next band, All Time Low, formed in 2003 when the members were only in high school, performed older favorites such as “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” and closed with “Dear Maria Count Me In.” Almost all the fans in the crowd chanted the lyrics to the songs which they knew each and every word to with more energy than ever.

The third act, Pierce The Veil, provided more of an emotional side to the show and blew the crowd away with their hit, “Caraphernelia.”

Finally, the headlining band put on a stellar performance full of enthusiasm that had the crowd waiting for more. As a result, they came out for an encore when the whole venue chanted “one more song.”

Jenna Mourad stated, “It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, they’re amazing live. One of the funniest parts was when the lead singer walked over the crowd in a human hamster ball.”

The House Party Tour was one to remember because of the great lineup, the lengthy show, and numerous amounts of dedicated fans.

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