‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is a collage of sounds

Coldplay has released information saying that they will tour for their newest album, A Head Full of Dreams.

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Coldplay has released information saying that they will tour for their newest album, “A Head Full of Dreams.”


Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

With Coldplay’s eight Brit Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and seven Grammy Awards, they clearly know what they’re doing as a band and have gone and created another great album.

“A Head Full of Dreams” had a great amount of song variety and each song seems to have an entirely different sound.

The first single taken from the album, “Adventure Of A Lifetime,” has an exotic feeling to it with its unique electric guitar sound and light use of percussion.

In the song “A Head Full of Dreams,” the vocals have some echo, and that creates a dream-like sound to the song along with a disco vibe.

“Up&Up” sounds a like how a jellyfish moves, expanding and contracting to propel themselves forward. This effect is created by their use of dynamics, and it creates a very interesting sound.

Besides the moving jellyfish sound, “A Head Full of Dreams” also has some other odd quirks in it.

“Kaleidoscope” is a song that includes an audio clip of President Barack Obama singing “Amazing Grace.”

Then two other songs, “Hymn for the Weekend” and “Colour Spectrum,”  have vocals that were done by Beyoncé.

The addition of these things makes the album an interesting hodgepodge of sounds that truly makes it intriguing to listen to.

Before coming up with the name Coldplay, the band had the names of “Pectoralz” and “Starfish.”

Coldplay rose to fame as a result of their single “Yellow” and their debut album that followed the release, called “Parachutes.”

One of the things that Coldplay does differently from other groups is that they refuse to let companies use their songs for product endorsement.

They also support groups focused on helping humanity such as Amnesty International, that focuses on ending abuses to human rights, and Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign, that promotes trade justice among governments and institutions.

Overall, “A Head Full of Dreams” is like a variety pack, that makes the album interesting and keeps the listener on their toes.

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