Apple delivers its newest batch of premium products


Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

Apple had its third major Keynote event for this year, during which the brand new refreshes of the iPad and Mac devices were unveiled.
The two main stars of the shows were the new iPad Air and the new iPad mini with retina display.
Apple did also increase the battery efficiencies, and decreased the price for both of the MacBook pros with retina displays. The products began shipping the day of the event, with the exception of the MacPro, which will start shipping in Dec.
The iPad Air is the new name given to the newest version of the iPad. It is being called the Air because of all the work Apple put in to reducing its excess bulk and weight.
Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design, said, “The iPad Air is so capable and powerful, and yet with its breakthrough size and weight, it is the thinnest, lightest, and also the most advanced iPad we’ve ever build.”
Junior Andrew Wach is very happy with all of the changes that Apple made to the iPads. He said, “The iPad Air looks pretty sweet. It’s a lot thinner and lighter, which is good because compared to the iPad mini it felt very heavy.”
Wach continued, “The iPad mini is definitely a good upgrade because although it looks the same, the internal improvements are amazing! It’s now just about as fast as the iPad Air, just a smaller form factor. It now has the retina display which people have been wanting for a while now.”
Already people want more from the next release of Apple products.
Senior Brandon Aflak said, “I’m glad that Apple made all of the changes that they did to the products. I wish they added a fingerprint scanner to the new iPads and Macs, but I guess it’s just the normal progression.”

The two new iPads.