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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Are Crumbl Cookies worth the dough?

Crumbl Cookies promotional photo / Fair Use/ Oct. 2nd, 2022
Crumbl’s weekly lineup from the week of Oct. 6.

Crumbl cookies are popular for their twists on classic treats, turning simple confections into creative and delicious desserts.

They introduce four to five new flavors every week, in addition to their classics: milk chocolate chip and classic pink sugar. These large cookies are filled with gourmet flavors and delicious toppings. 

Crumbl has established a strong reputation nationally with its clever social media marketing tactics and unique flavors. 

However, with each cookie priced at $4 and an ever-changing menu, can Crumbl measure up to its hype?

I sampled all six flavors of the week for Oct. 6th and rated each one out of ten based on flavor, texture, and presentation. 

Milk Chocolate Chip: 6/10

This classic cookie stays a constant despite the weekly menu rotation. This version of a traditional chocolate chip cookie is made with milk chocolate chips which gives it some extra sweetness. The cookie itself was very soft and chewy with a buttery texture. However, the sweetness of the chocolate chips was a bit overpowering and too rich. You can only have a couple of bites before getting overwhelmed. 

Pumpkin Roll: 9/10

This cookie tastes like a walk in Central Park during the fall. It’s soft and fluffy with a comforting cinnamon flavor with a cakier texture compared to the other cookies. The frosting, although too sweet by itself, adds the perfect touch of sweetness when paired with the cookie. 

Aggie Blue Mint: 4/10

I was skeptical about this cookie due to the bright blue frosting and the minty aroma. The cookie itself was buttery and thick, with a sugary mint frosting, and topped with an incredibly sweet, toothpaste-like flavor frosting. While I love mint chip ice cream, this cookie had too much of a sugary texture and flavor.

Nutter Butter: 7/10

This cookie is perfect for all the peanut butter lovers out there. I was expecting it to be dry, but it was surprisingly chewy and thick. The peanut butter flavor came through and left a sweet aftertaste. The m&m’s melt in your mouth and add a crackly texture. The cookie was incredibly rich, so I found it best when paired with a cool glass of milk. 

Pink Sugar: 5/10

It sure is called Pink Sugar for a reason. This cookie is another staple on the menu and adds a colorful and sweet flavor to the weekly rotation. It was similar to the Aggie Blue Mint cookie in terms of the base and texture, but the frosting lacked the extra sweetness from the mint flavor. It was chewy, buttery, and satisfying to eat. However, while the cookie’s base was a hit by itself, the frosting was overpoweringly sweet and sugary. 

Caramel Apple: 9/10

This one was my favorite out of all the cookies; it was thick and chewy with a perfect balance of flavors. Caramel apples are a fall staple, so those flavors in a cookie made it very popular. The caramel flavor was surprisingly strong in the cookie, and the frosting was very buttery and smooth. The apples added just the right amount of sourness and crunch, although they were a bit soggy by the time I tried it. Overall, I think it was a well-balanced cookie with the perfect amount of sweetness. 

Bottom Line: Are they worth it?

Each cookie is pretty large, at 4.5 inches wide, and is each sold for $4. I think it’s a fair price considering the size of the cookies, the ingredients, and the overall value. They definitely appeal to those with a sweet tooth and a large appetite for sugar. However, they’re not suitable for those with a subtle palette.

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Meher Duggal
Meher Duggal, Staff Writer
Meher Duggal is a sophomore at Carlmont High School on the JV cheer team and she is a first year-writer. She loves fashion, baking, and watching movies, so she writes reviews.

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Are Crumbl Cookies worth the dough?