ASB Recognition commission spreads positivity throughout the campus


Camille Kay

ASB’s Recognition commission puts up colorful and optimistic notes and posters in C hall.

ASB’s Recognition commission boosts student spirit and adds color and cheer to the hallways through positive notes.

When a student walks from class to class, the notes and messages can be seen on lockers or in the bathrooms on campus. The notes provide inspiration or just something simple to make students smile. 

“When I read a positive note in the hallway it brightens my day,” said Marguerite Fields, a sophomore. “Especially when I find one spontaneously, it’s a nice little surprise to my day.”  

For students who might not have a lot of one on one interactions during the school day or do not have time to talk to a lot of their friends, these messages can provide a less lonely atmosphere.

The Recognition commission’s goal is to create an optimistic and welcoming environment for all students regardless of who they are. The sticky notes can reach out to anyone and can be located almost anywhere on school grounds. 

“It doesn’t really ask anyone to do anything, like activities you have to go to and they’re really fun but some people don’t feel comfortable doing that. So what we really do is we bring everything to the person receiving it,” said Sadie Boynton, a sophomore and a member of the Recognition commission.   

School, sports, and other commitments can create a lot of stress and pressure on a student. The notes can take someone who is having a bad day and improve their self-esteem and help them feel like other people are going through similar times.

“You never know what somebody’s going through and you never know how much a little thing can make a change,” said Taylor Snow, a junior and member of the Recognition commission.  

It is not just students who read these messages, as teachers appreciate a little encouragement as well. A nice reminder every now and then to keep up the good work goes a long way to support Carlmont’s staff. 

“October is a rough month for kids and for teachers. So it helped me that everyone cares to support me,” said Camille Erskine, a teacher at Carlmont and the adviser for the Positivity 101 Club.

It is important to support everyone at Carlmont, whether it is a student, a teacher, or someone in administration. ASB also has “pass it on” cards that students or staff members can hand out to anyone to pass on encouraging messages and positivity.

“Give somebody a compliment, it’s just the little things that count sometimes,” Snow said.

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